Joanna Dreher


MBACP, AICTP, BSc Hons Psychology, PGDip Integrative Counselling and Coaching.

I am a qualified Personal Consultant, one of the first cohort of professionals to study this technique at post graduate level. I cut my teeth in the corporate world for over 20 years in financial services, working to Vice President level before deciding to pursue a natural tendency and desire to help people facilitate change in their lives. In order to reach this goal, I studied for a degree in psychology while continuing with my role in the commodities space. This taught me great time management skills and also allowed me to break through my own self-limiting beliefs that had previously held me back. 

I also embarked on my own journey of self discovery, which involved a combination of meditation, hypnotherapy, mindfulness techniques as well as other therapeutic activities such as yoga and complimentary therapies.

I have a masters degree in Personal Consultancy and researched mental wellbeing in the corporate field. I believe that many people struggle in life, never reaching their potential or believing that they can do so. This may be due to many things such as a mental health issue, like depression or anxiety, belief systems formed in childhood, out of date coping mechanisms or negative thought patterns - to name a few of many. I believe, given the correct help, we can find and heal our inner worlds to transform our outer worlds. Often the help we need to succeed in the workplace is often goal orientated and set by the employer, without understanding the needs of the employee. When the needs of the employee are understood and worked on, both employer and employee benefit.

I have also co-founded and am trustee of a low cost community counselling charity in East London, where I volunteer. Therefore my clients come from all walks of life - city-executives contemplating their next career move to housewives struggling with finding meaning in their life.

I believe that all my clients have the answers to their issues, they just need help to uncover them.