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A new approach for a high-pressured environment.

We offer a cutting-edge, discreet and effective approach to well being and growth. Embraced by individuals and corporations alike, we provide an understanding and personalised support system to emotional, mental and behavioural balance and success.   Our Personal consultants are trained in both disciplines of coaching and counselling.

What does that mean for our clients? It means they get a richer, deeper learning experience. Unlike coaches we are therapeutically trained to go deeper to unblock issues that stop you reaching goals. Unlike counsellors our work doesn't have to end at the present - we can explore how you want your future to look and give you strategies to get you there. 

We also provide training packages to assist employees reach their potential.

We are a discreet, confidential, private practice located near Bank and Liverpool Street stations.

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Some of the issues we address

Depression and anxiety


Depression and anxiety can be separate or often go hand in hand. They can leave us feeling isolated, unable to cope and lacking hope for the future. We will explore your feelings and work with you to form personal strategies that will form the building blocks to wellness.

Self confidence


You may have many goals you would like to reach in your life, but your lack of confidence is stopping you from going forward. 

Discover what your inner voice is telling you and how you can start telling ourselves 'I can!'



Issues with relationships, be it romantic, family or work can have a huge knock on effect on our sense of wellbeing. Helping you explore the issues, helping you develop new ways of looking at the relationships and looking at conflict resolution will help you gain a sense of how to move forward.

HIV and Sexuality Counselling


Have you had a positive HIV test and are struggling wit your diagnosis or are anxious about having the test? Are you confused about your sexuality or are engaging in risky sexual activities. 

We offer a discreet, confidential service to help explore these issues, allowing for a deeper understanding of yourself and what you are facing. We will help facilitate strategies to help you go forward in life with greater insight, self care and acceptance 

Addiction counselling


At Blackwood we are privelleged to have a renowned addiction specialist in our team - see Frances Lickerish bio in' meet the team'. Francis can work with you to help you uncover the possible reasons for your addiction and support you through to recovery.

Trauma and EMDR


Trauma is often associated with activities of war or bad accidents but it can also refer to difficult events in our childhood, living in abusive relationships or witnessing something distressing. 

We have a resident trauma specialist who can work with you either using traditional techniques or by Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing - most commonly known as EMDR. This is a highly successful technique that cognitively reprogrammes the way the brain has stored the trauma in your brain, changing your perspective of it.

Aspiring Women


Gender equality is currently a hot topic. Whether you are aiming to get higher In the corporate world or in your personal life you may feel the difference in the way women and men can be perceived and the different expectations often laid upon them.  We will help you recognise and develop your own unique strengths, understand what benefits female qualities can bring and how you can put them to most effective use. We can work with you to increase your confidence so that you feel empowered to take on your next challenge and achieve what you set out to. 

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Other areas of expertise


  • Hypnotherapy
  • Stress management
  • Leadership coaching
  • Mental health issues
  • Burn-out
  • Self-development
  • Communication
  • Conflict
  • Childhood issues
  • Work performance
  • Italian speaking counsellor
  • Employee assistance programmes
  • Training
  • Boarding school syndrome
  • Charity executive coaching
  • Self esteem
  • Inter-personal abuse
  • Sexual abuse

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