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Francis Lickerish

PGDip. Addiction Counselling. PG cert. CAC 

Francis Lickerish is a respected professional in the fields of adult addiction and family services and well-regarded for his depth of knowledge, experience and humanity. Described as a gifted presenter, Francis regularly facilitates retreats and workshops. He has worked with Clouds House, The Priory Roehampton, North London Priory, Farm Place and Nightingale Hospital London

Francis’s compassionate and empathetic counselling helps clients work through the best options to move their life forwards.

Francis is also a well-known composer and guitarist, and he believes that it is these skills that allow him to see beneath the surface of things and work in an organic and all encompassing way.

"I focus on the impact addiction has on the whole family or organisational system. I see addiction as a systemic condition that has its roots in society and history". Francis Lickerish

Specialist services;

Addiction training

Francis runs workshops to educate and inform employees, employers, educational centres and organisations as to the nature of addiction, the signs and symptoms and what can bee done top help.

Addiction treatment referral

Francis is able to sensitively assess addiction difficulties that high profile employees/managers and CEO's are having. He can inform and advise them as to the most suitable treatment centre around the world and refer them quickly and discreetly. He will  support them throughout the entire process and ensure that they have the support necessary to integrate back into their position within the organisation, or as appropriate. 

Workshops on organisational systems

Francis is a systems therapist and can enlighten and inform organisations as to how the relationships within the workforce impacts upon the success of the whole.

Trauma workshops

Francis regularly runs trauma-reduction workshops to help clients understand their past trauma and work towards reducing the hold this has on their daily lives and relationships.