What Blackwood Do- in a nutshell

Supporting Mental health in the workplace


We work with you to ensure your employees get the support they need- counselling or therapeutic coaching.

Bringing your most promising talent up to the next level


You pick the best, we know how to help them develop their potential for greatness

Working wth you to help you develop a culture of success


Success comes from within.  We will listen your needs and provide a package to support you and help your people thrive.

Our Organisational Services

We provide several services to the corporate world. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line. If you are not sure whether we offer what you need, or even quite what it is that would serve you best,  we are always happy to meet to talk it through- the coffee is on us- no obligation.

Personal Consultancy - Not just your average coach!


Blackwood provides Personal Consultancy services to Organisational clients. Helping you create a culture that enables your business to flourish.

  • Combining the disciplines of therapy and coaching, our consultants can work with your company to provide a confidential, discreet and effective service.
  • Wellbeing is sometimes an 'inside job' (therapy), but very often an 'outside job' too (coaching), and we are trained to work in both disciplines should we need to.
  • Our services can be retained, or secured on a demand/supply basis.
  • We offer employees a chance to delve into their psyche as well as improve work performance and manage stress.
  • We work with leaders and executives who organisations feel need something extra than their current EAP offers.
  • Your staff are your greatest asset - we help you by offering them leading edge interventions.

For a full list of areas we can apply this technique - see home page.

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Specialist addiction services


Do you suspect an employee or colleague has a problem with drink or drugs?

Are you looking for discreet, professional help?

At Blackwood we have a renowned addictions specialist (see bio for Frances Lickerish in 'Meet the team')' who can help treat the person and provide discreet referrals to treatment centres worldwide supporting them throughout the process.

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Blackwood can tailor a programme of training to meet your needs.  We offer plenty of training not covered in this short section, but we are experienced at delivering complex training programmes covering topics such as:

  • Burnout
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Addictions: alcohol, drugs, gambling, gaming etc. 
  • Trauma, 
  • Low self-esteem,
  • Mental Health
  • Self-development
  • Communication
  • Conflict

Let Blackwood help you make a long term investment in your staff by increasing their knowledge, awareness, skill, and understanding. 

We provide training that will help address  these issues, and also the wider needs of an organisation such as conflict resolution, leadership skills, change management. For extensive details on what we offer, please see our training page.

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Leadership 'one-to-one' work


Drawing on years of experience at senior institutional levels, Blackwood offers a bespoke Leadership Support service.  It is neither easy or predictable to lead.  The phrase "condemned to choose" encapsulates just some of the difficulty of great responsibility.  Blackwood can help with:

  • providing one-to-one therapy with Leaders within your company
  • Assisting in promotion process, including interview preparation and formulation of presentations
  • specific and private 'personal development' programmes to enhance performance

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Growing Female Talent


Gender equality is currently a hot topic. In the corporate world you may feel the need to become aware of and embrace the feminine talents that are shown to enhance performance, productivity and the success of business. We will help you recognise and develop your strengths and increase your confidence so that you feel empowered to take on your next challenge. 

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Charity executive support


We work within the charity sector and understand the particuar pressures that this brings. Your passion for your chosen field can sometimes create a dilema with work-life balance. We can help you address your individual challenges, which may include; public-speaking, enhancing leadership skills, facing conflicts and developing promotional prospects.

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