Marzio Parapetto


MBACP, PGDip Integrative Counselling and Coaching. BA Hons Italian Language and Literature, NLP Prac

Marzio has nearly 30 years experience working in HR and Customers Service.

Marzio has had extensive experience of engaging with people needing support: including various charities helping vulnerable people and counselling people suffering with addiction; and within the NHS Talking Therapies Services helping people suffering from mental health . Marzio is currently counselling people affected by HIV and those who are pursuing harmful sexual behaviours. He speaks fluent Italian and English.

He is a highly qualified integrative counsellor working with the Personal Consultancy framework, which uses different counselling and psychotherapies approaches as well as integrating counselling and coaching.

His initial foray into coaching dates back nearly 20 years ago when, after completing his post-degree diploma in HR, he was training Executives within his Company and started to look into evidence-based approaches like NLP.

During that period, spending time with the trainees in their residentials, he realised how much personal issues were affecting the job performances of the participants.

This awareness initiated a desire for personal and professional development during which he realised realised how much people can be stuck in their lives with a sense of hopelessness, lack of meaning, direction and obstacles that at time seems insuperable. He has worked with asylum seekers and refugees, professionals that have found themselves homeless, people who have struggled with their sexuality, been trapped in difficult and incongruent relationships, people who have chosen to deal with their own issues indulging with alcohol and with substance misuse, people who are dealing with self-stigma and social stigma because they are HIV positive.

Anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, maladaptive thoughts are still affecting the mental health of many people at many different levels.

Marzio works with what the clients bring, in a safe, genuine non-judgemental environment, supporting them in an empowering journey through their past present and future, with one eye open to the external world and one eye looking within themselves.

Areas of expertise

Italian speaking


Gender and sexuality issues

Chem sex

Asylum seekers & refugees



Concerns around the impact of Brexit

Depression and anxiety