Fees and packages

Organisational clients (also see packages below)

We negotiate our fee for each engagement we take on, and this can quickly and easily be done in person, by telephone, or via email.   We aim to provide the right service to fit your needs and within your specified budget. 

Typically, we work in a number of ways with clients: 

  • Insourced or Outsourced –we can work with rapidly expanding companies to develop wellbeing plans, onsite and remotely. This may involve consultation, drawing up whitepapers, assisting your HR teams.
  • Tailored–we can offer training packages, (pure) coaching packages, therapeutic coaching packages.
  • Flexible-some clients retain us to provide short or long-term therapeutic-coaching services to staff for the (industry standard) duration of 50 minutes.
  • Responsive-others ask us to extend this to 90 minutes (a more traditional ‘coaching’ length).
  • Partners–we also offer mediation services to help resolve inter-personal conflicts.

Please contact us for a tailored quote, it will be our pleasure to provide one.

Private Individuals

We operate a sliding scale for fees that is based on household income.  This is because we are committed to offering high quality therapy at lower rates for those with more limited means to meet the fee.  At Blackwood we feel strongly that therapy should be within the price range of anyone who truly needs it.

Personal Consultancy (including HIV and sexuality counselling)

Fees are on a sliding scale depending your household income. Sessions are 50 minutes.

Over 80K - £100

60 - 80K-£90

40 - 60K - £80

Under 40K-£70

Package of 6 sessions - 10% discount (full fees must be paid upfront)

We offer limited concessions, please ask if you feel this is appropriate for you.  

Addiction Counselling

£130 per 50 minute session


Fees are on a sliding scale depending your household income. Sessions are 50 minutes.

Over 80K - £90

Under 80K - £80

Under 40K-£70

Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation:

£250 for 120 minute session (includes free booster session if necessary)

Executive Personal Consultancy


Your success depends on the ability of your top leaders to guide your organisation through the inevitable challenges.

When the going gets tough for your executives we can help you fix it.   When they are not able to perform at the level necessary; whether it is stress-related, a reliance on alcohol or drugs, or personal issues, we can confidentially and discreetly help them get back on track.

6  x 1 1/2 hour personal consultancy sessions as requred, over 6 months


Employee fast-track therapeutic coaching


When you recognise the talent in an employee and would like them to develop themselves further we can help. We will employ counselling techniques to help them explore what is holding them back, and then coaching to enable them to work out what they need to do next.

A series of 8 x 50 minute sessions as required over 6 months.


Lunch & Learn sessions


Difficult to schedule in times for staff to take time out together for training?  We can provide one hour training sessions whilst your staff are having their lunch, enabling them to learn abut important work-related topics, such as stress, whilst still having time to be nourished. 

Series of 6 x 1 hour bi-monthly sessions 


Or a one off session £350

Charity Executives Special


We have experience of working within the charity sector and understand the particuar pressures that this brings. Your passion for your chosen field can sometimes create a dilema with work-life balance. We will help you address your individual challenges, which may include; public-speaking, enhancing leadership skills and developing promotional prospects.

6 1 1/2 hour personal consultancy sessions 


Growing Female Talent


Gender equality is currently a hot topic. In the corporate world you may feel the need to become aware of and embrace the feminine talents that are shown to enhance performance, productivity and the success of business. We will help with confidence,and understanding and using your strengths so that you feel empowered to take on your next challenge. 

6 x 1 1/2 hour Personal Consultancy sessions.


Individual consultancy


If you have a particular goal, challenge  or emotional difficulty that you want to sort out we can help. Whether you require emotional support through counselling or a pro-active coaching approach we can tailor our work with you according to your needs as they present. We are currently offering a discount package to help you through. 


6 sessions for a reduction of 10%