Brett Traynor


Executive Coach

Personal Transformation and Mindfulness Coaching. Coaching Diploma recognised by the International Coach Federation and Association for coaching. Diploma in Psychology.

Brett has over twenty years’ experience within global financial markets, starting his career on the LIFFE trading floor in London before heading to Singapore, where he became Managing Director at 28 of a financial trading firm, then at 34 was appointed CEO. It was during his time working in Singapore that he started coaching and mentoring graduate traders on the emotional dynamics of trading. Running a trading team in the high-pressure financial markets led him to take an interest in personal development, goal setting and positive psychology.

Living in Asia allowed Brett a wide range of experiences that helped form a broader world view and introduced him to practices and teachings that have aided his personal growth. Meditation was first introduced to Brett whilst in Asia. He has meditated for over 15 years and his daily practice along with continuous personal development has given him focus, drive and clarity within all areas of his life.

Brett’s work as a CEO in finance and his own personal development journeyallows for a deep understanding of how our inner psyche can hold us back from achieving our goals and living life with integrity

Trained as a Transformational Coach with a foundation in humanistic psychology. Brett works with empathy, presence and compassion to build a safe non-judgmental space for his clients to open up about their emotional landscape and explore why this may be holding them back in life. Together you will work towards understanding what it is you want from life and how you can be more self-fulfilled.

As well as seeing corporate and private clients, Brett volunteers for charities coaching teenagers to help increase self-awareness, confidence, resilience and communication.